Business Grant application link – Barrow Borough Council

by admin

Hi Everyone,

Shaun Anderson spotted the link for the above and kindly shared. Please scroll down for the link and apply.  Again I am not sure who is eligible, if you have more than one office, you should definitely argue the case about staying in business locally.

If, you need anything then please do get in touch.  I actually don’t get anything!!!  But more than anything I want you guys to be ok.  Let me know how you get on and I can speak individually to you about your situation with regards to the rent going forward.  It will have to be on a catch up basis, however, I would rather keep the centre going than loose it.

Couple bits of post for Barrow Training Partnership today and Lamont Pridmore.

Please also send me adverts or a blog for your business.  Andy (from Pair Creative) and I are going to share ideas on how we can make sure you are still as visible as possible.  I am going to put all your phone numbers on the doors please send me the best contact number for you.

Any ideas welcome.  We can do this and come through the other end.  It is going to be tough for a long time but you didn’t get where you are without taking a risk in the first place!!!!!  Stay positive

Apply for the COVID-19 Business Grant Application Link

Many thanks and stay well and safe