A little respite from it all

by admin

I have put together a couple of mindful apps and some good reads just to give you a little respite

TV and Film adaptions from old classics you must read the book first:  Films are never the same!

Normal People – Author: Sally Rooney

Little Fires Everywhere – Author: Celeste Ng

Americanah – Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The Personal History of David Copperfield – Author: Charles Dickens


3  of the Best or my Favourite calming APPS

Mindicine   –   It’s a game changer for me,  plays different sound frequencies to stimulate the five main types of brain waves – alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta which can help everything from focus and anxiety to sleep and lack of creativity.

Pause – you probably have this one – place your finger on the screen to touch a small blob, gently move it around it satisfyingly swells

Noisli  –  this year’s meditation trend to thunder.  Research from Sussex medical school found that sounds such as thunder, rustling leaves and babbling streams – can physically alter our brains helping to keep a more focused state of mind.

Happy Not Perfect   –  mini workouts for the mind, it provides you with a daily routine tailored to your needs.  Clever stuff!!